ITS Congress: What role will the car play in cities in the future?

Mobile diversity: what role will the car play in cities in the future?

How do we organize the urban traffic of tomorrow? The ITS World Congress will take place in Hamburg in 2021. It is also about cars – but a lot more.

M.orerne Mobility is diversity – With this slogan, the IAA is trying to regain importance in 2021. But after ideas and visions for everything to do with automobiles were presented again next September at the automobile fair, then for the first time in Munich, it goes into exactly one month later Hamburg more diverse to: on the ITS World congress For “I.intelligent Transport S.ysteme “. After Tokyo, Melbourne or Singapore, the five-day meeting will take place in autumn 2021 for the first time in Germany.

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And yes, that too automobile will still play a role in the Hanseatic city, if only as one Part of urban mobility solutions. Cars, bicycles, autonomous buses and subways, e-scooters, car sharing and ride-hailing – this is the new one Diversity in mobilizing metropolises.

What framework does the coronavirus allow?

Jungfernstieg in Hamburg

The Jungfernstieg on Hamburg’s Inner Alster has been closed to private cars since October 2020.

© ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH

Should the coronavirus allow it, will Representatives from more than 100 countries come together to debate the ways in which the transport of people and goods can be made ecologically and economically intelligent. Round 3500 delegates, 400 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors from all over the world are expected in Hamburg to discuss the digitization of traffic with one major, overarching goal: Cities with better air and no traffic jams, with less noise and better quality of life.

Automated and sustainable mobility

Bike rental station at Dammtor train station in Hamburg

Station for rental bicycles at the Dammtor train station in Hamburg as part of the mobility mix.

© ITS Hamburg 2021 GmbH

At the ITS Congress organized by the organizer ERTICO six focal points addressed: 1. automated mobility, i.e. the transition from driver to autopilot in an automobile, bus or subway; 2. Mobility “on demand”, so the combination of many mobility services (such as taxi, rental bike, e-scooter, public transport) on a single service; 3. intelligent infrastructure, the optimization of traffic using artificial intelligence for faster, smarter and cleaner traffic; 4. New mobility offers through new technologies, for example the use of unmanned drones; 5. better and more sustainable transport of goods, for example from the port to the end customer; 6. Solutions for cities and their residents, that is mobility that is ecological, sustainable and energy efficient.

Schoolchildren and students are included

Is consciously involved the next generation of mobile city dwellers, who grow up in the age of digitization. The “Young Mobility Community” of the ITS is already active today. Schoolchildren and students have the opportunity to discuss their ideas about intelligent mobility of the future online.


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