It’s over and done with: StudiVZ and MeinVZ are closing

The last days of the once great online networks StudiVZ and MeinVZ are numbered. The services will close shortly.

Poolworks has announced the final closure of StudiVZ and MeinVZ. March 31, 2022 will now be the end, as the company announces. This means that the very last remaining members of the online networks that were once very popular, especially in Germany, will have to go. The migration of the games is being worked on at full speed. “There will probably be migration options for all games. More information coming soon,” explains Poolworks.

The active users should use the time left until March 31, 2022 to recover all their data. Users are informed in an email that all their data will then be “irrevocably deleted”.

StudiVZ was launched in Germany in November 2005 and had over 6 million active members at its peak. MeinVZ was also launched in October 2008, which at its best had around 3 million monthly active users. Over time, however – not least because of the increasing popularity through Facebook – the number of members began to dwindle and in September 2017 the operator Poolworks finally filed for bankruptcy, as we also reported at the time.

For the first time, the Berlin-based company Poolworks had announced that the outdated services would be closed on June 30, 2020. Both StudiVZ and MeinVZ remained online. The closure is now scheduled to take place on March 31, 2022.

VZ boss Agneta Binninger explained to Spiegel that MeinVZ in particular had recently monetized itself only as a gaming platform. However, the slump in the Russian market had a strong impact on sales. Modernizing the networks makes no economic sense.

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