J.Lo literally and figuratively lets fans shine with their make-up line

With the motto ‘beauty has no expiration date’, Jennifer Lopez is eager to blow over all the giants in the beauty world. She is now the umpteenth celebrity who hangs her name from a beauty collection, but it will undoubtedly be a collection that many a fan has been waiting for. The ‘J.Lo glow’ has been a true phenomenon in the beauty industry for years and now fans are finally getting the chance to actually shine as their great pop idol.

Jennifer cleverly jumps into her trademark and has devoted the marketing entirely to the coveted J.Lo gloss that she is so famous for. She will launch her JLO Beauty brand on January 1, 2021 and it looks like Jen will be selling her products on her own website. We are still waiting for a collaboration with NikkieTutorials to promote the line and complete the picture. It is not yet known whether the products can also be ordered from the Netherlands.

The question was not if, but when Jennifer would take her first steps in the beauty world. Worldwide, this market converts some 13 billion euros per year and more and more people are stepping in to take a piece of the ever-growing market. In addition to the aforementioned women, Hollywood greats such as Jessica Alba (Honest Beauty), Miranda Kerr (KORA Organics), Drew Barrymore (Flower Beauty), Kim Kardashian (KKW Beauty) and Millie Bobby Brown (Florence by Mills) already preceded Jennifer.


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