Jaguar should be a pure electric car luxury brand in 2025 – no information about specific models yet

With the I-Pace, Jaguar fared like other established brands that tried from 2019 to compete with Tesla with their own electric cars in the premium segment: It drives electrotypically dynamic, but not least in terms of range remains far behind the originals from Tesla. Nevertheless, the British brand, which has been part of the Indian group Tata Motors together with Land Rover since 2008, is now fully on the electric car course. From 2025 Jaguar intends to offer exclusively battery-only vehicles. However, there was no specific information about new models – and the electric XJ, which was due to be presented at the end of 2020, will not be pursued further for the time being.

Jaguar XJ not as an electric car for the time being

This information can be found in a Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) press release earlier this week. The company wants to prepare itself for the future with a strategy known as “Reimagine”, it says. Jaguar will be a purely electric luxury brand from 2025 and offers “unique potential” for this, Land Rover is expected to bring six electric cars onto the market within the next five years, the first in 2024. By 2030, there should be fully electric drives for every series at JLR.

When and with what exactly the electric car offensive at Jaguar begins, however, the message does not reveal. The company has been working on an electric version of its XJ sports car for a number of years, the launch of which was expected in late 2020, but it won’t be in the near future. The current planned XJ successor model is not part of the plans now presented, but a Jaguar electric car with this designation “could” come later, writes JLR.

“Future Jaguar models will use their own electrical architecture,” the company continues. Otherwise there is no concrete information about it either, which could mean that there is simply not much to say about it yet. This gives the impression that Jaguar Tesla and the increasing number of electric cars from other manufacturers such as Mercedes in the same segment will have nothing to oppose than the I-Pace for several years.

JLR keeps hydrogen back door open

Two new platforms are also planned for Land Rover, but each of them can be powered not only electrically but also hybrid. In 2030, 100 percent of Jaguar sales are to be purely electric cars, which suggests that combustion engines or hybrids will still be offered after 2025. For the Land Rover brand, JLR names 60 percent purely electric as the target for 2030. By 2039, the company wants to be completely CO2-neutral in products and production. Similar to General Motors from the USA, which is aiming for the same goal for 2040, JLR is keeping a hydrogen backdoor open: The development for this is already underway, and prototypes with fuel cells are to be seen on British roads within the next 12 months.


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