James Bond: 25 films from April on Amazon Prime Video

This month, 25 James Bond films are set to arrive on Amazon’s streaming service.

With the takeover of MGM, Amazon not only secured the rights to “Rocky” and “Robocop”, but also to the British agent “James Bond”. Amazon Prime Video subscribers can look forward to the video streaming service’s full canonical catalog later this month.

25 films in the stream from mid-April

From April 15, a total of 25 James Bond films will be included in Amazon Prime Video. So far, however, the integration of the spy film catalog has only been confirmed for Great Britain and only for a “limited time”. However, it is likely that other European countries will follow later this month. It is not known how long the film catalog will be included in the Amazon Prime Video streaming subscription.

MGM acquisition gives Amazon over 4,000 films

With the takeover of MGM for almost 8.5 million US dollars, the current James Bond film “No Time to Die” has also found its way into a streaming service for the first time. However, fans of the agent have to do without “Casino Royale”

from 1967

and “Never Say Never,” starring Sean Connery, both of which are unofficial canon. The following “James Bond” films can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from April:

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