James Bond film postponed again: ‘selling to Netflix is ​​a realistic option’

Not in April, but in October this year the 25th adventure from the James Bond series will be released in the cinemas. Almost two years after the original release ‘No Time To Die’ can be admired by the general public.

A quarter of a billion risk

That is not only bad news for the fans, but also for MGM. The film studio is largely dependent on the films in which 007 plays the lead role. It also took a financial risk: more than a quarter of a billion dollars was spent on the latest film.

The previous volumes raised billions of dollars. Part was for the cinemas, part for MGM. No Time To Die is said to bring in more than a billion in revenue.

‘Postponement really inevitable’

Jorrit van der Valk, founder of fan club James Bond Netherlands, says that the postponement is ‘inevitable’. According to him, it is important for the film company that the film can be seen in the cinema.

“They’ve been doing that for 60 years. If they were to release it now, you wouldn’t be able to complete your financial picture. Then you wouldn’t get that huge investment out.”

Released in 2012, Skyfall is the highest-grossing James Bond film to date. ‘No Time To Die’ was supposed to make that film forget financially.

Van der Valk: “You will not be able to do that if you release it in the middle of a pandemic. Skyfall yielded more than a billion dollars, which you cannot match now. Hopefully in October.”

Chicken with golden eggs

Van der Valk admits that it is becoming an increasingly realistic scenario to sell the film to a streaming service. Rumors about this have been going on for some time.

Chances are that they will now sell the film to Netflix, he thinks. “MGM is in trouble, so maybe they are going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Netflix or Amazon

If they really cannot do anything else, they could opt for a sale to Netflix or Amazon, and a release in the cinemas at the same time, think Van der Valk.

Although the fan hopes that MGM does not only offer the film to a streaming service. “It is such a shame not to see James Bond in the cinema. The film experience in the cinema is very important.”

007 guarantees adventure and money

Specter (2015)

The last part that could be seen. In this adventure, James Bond takes on the crime syndicate SPECTER. The recordings were messy. During a major hack, the script was looted and a number of cars from the set were also stolen.

Revenue from the film: $ 880 million.

Skyfall (2012)

The film that brought in the most money and received good reviews. The title song of the same name even earned singer Adele an Oscar for best song.

Yield: $ 1.1 billion.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

This film was also postponed, although it was for six months. The makers needed more time to complete the production of this part. It was a sequel to Casino Royale and was the most expensive Bond movie of all time at the time.

Yield: $ 590 million.


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