Jamie Lynn Spears: “Tesla and Elon Musk Are Killing My Cats”

Jamie Lynn Spears has spoken out against Tesla and CEO Elon Musk on TikTok. She talks about how several of her cats died after hitting them with her Tesla because the sound of the car is not loud enough to scare the cats.

Teslas are electric cars and therefore make less noise when you drive them. For many people that is an advantage, but clearly not for Jamie Lynn Spears. She complained through TikTok.

“Sneaky Cat Killer”

In a TikTok that she has since removed, Britney’s younger sister tells about her dead cats. “I know there are worse things to worry about in the world right now, but someone needs to let Elon Musk know that the Tesla is a sneaky cat killer and that’s a problem we need to address.”

“We’ve already lost – I can’t tell how many – cats because they don’t hear the Tesla. That’s what unfortunate things happen and it’s heartbreaking and tragic for everyone involved. ” That’s why she also has a tip for Musk. “Because the Tesla is so quiet, it can (Elon Musk, ed.) might put on a noise that annoys cats or other animals, so they know something is happening and things shouldn’t end in a tragic way. So, Elon Musk, let’s fix this because you already owe me a few cats. ”


But it soon became Jamie Lynn who got the criticism instead of Elon Musk. Several people found it striking that she had hit several of her cats herself. For example, they see her as the “cat serial killer” instead of Musk.


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