Jamie Oliver stainless steel pan today 65 euros cheaper at Amazon

Jamie Oliver’s popular Tefal pan is on sale during Amazon’s Easter sale week. If you need a new, reliable pan with a non-stick coating, you shouldn’t miss this Amazon bargain.

One of the Amazon bestsellers: The “Cook’s Direct” pan, which Jamie Oliver also uses in his cooking show, now costs 39 euros less than in previous weeks. Compared to the RRP, it is even cheaper by a whole 65 euros.

Tefal pan “Cook’s Direct” 28 cm for 44.99 euros instead of the previous 84 euros

The same pan in the smaller size of 24 cm is also on offer:

Tefal pan “Cook’s Direct” 24 cm for 39.99 euros instead of 65 euros

For the price of

Most recently, the pan was even cheaper on Amazon Black Friday – for 33.33 euros. Today’s Amazon offer of 44.99 euros is not the lowest price, but the savings are enormous. If you look at the price development of the last few weeks, the normal price was around 84 euros.

More info / features:

The “Cook’s Direct” frying pan made of stainless steel is intended for all types of stoves, including induction stoves, and promises a particularly long service life: thanks to the use of special titanium particles in the coating, no residue sticks to the surface – not even if something burns easy to clean.

Dishwasher safe: The pan can be cleaned in the dishwasher without hesitation.

The red dot:

Tefal has come up with something really cool here: the red dot in the middle is a thermal signal that shows the perfect frying temperature: once this is reached, the image disappears into the red area (an hourglass) and the chef can confidently prepare the steak lay down

The “Cook’s Direct” is available in the sizes 28 cm (standard), 24 cm and 20 cm.

Featured: Jamie Oliver Cook’s Direct Tefal Pan

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