Jan and Chantal find point count Eurovision ‘the most exciting’

Jan and Chantal will guide the scoring during the final on 22 May. “It’s very cliché, but I’m looking forward to it the most. That’s what the Eurovision is all about: who is going to win?”, Says Jan. “That is also an exciting moment for us. Even during a dry rehearsal in a NOS building it became exciting, let alone how that will go in the future.”

Apart from the points, it is also exciting for the presentation team whether everything is going well technically. “Will the connection remain intact with all countries? You have to switch 39 times,” said Jan. Chantal is especially looking forward to that moment because there is also some room for improvisation. After all, the rest of the script is completely fixed. “That is certainly not difficult. I love it”, says the presenter about the often awkward and short conversations with the distributors of the points from all over Europe.

“Then there will soon be a very enthusiastic person with glitter and boas and I can have a chat with that. You can’t prepare that, so you don’t have to do anything for that,” she explains. “It’s a gift that just keeps on coming, 39 times no less.”

The Eurovision Song Contest is presented next to Chantal and Jan by Edsilia Rombley and Nikkie de Jager. Chantal and Jan are responsible for the voting. Aran Bade looked ahead to the song festival yesterday:


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