Jan Slagter proud of 15 years of Omroep MAX: ‘Blame me crazy’

“Everyone thought I was crazy when I started it”, Jan Slagter still remembers from the moment in 2002 when he founded the broadcaster. “People said: why should there be a specific broadcaster for the elderly? They already watch the public broadcasting service. But I have always believed in it, in thinking in terms of target groups instead of pillars, as in the past.”

In those fifteen years, a series of TV programs have passed, including Dokter Deen, Greetings from MAX, Stars on the canvas, Bed & Breakfast, We are almost there and Heel Holland bakes, which are by no means only popular with the elderly. “I think we listen carefully to what the viewer wants,” says Slagter about that success. “I do not make what I want to see myself. That mistake is sometimes made in Hilversum. But I think more: what do you want to eat? Good, then I will make it for you. That is a different way of thinking. And that watching young people too is a nice by-product. “

The broadcaster is reflecting on the anniversary throughout the year. “The intention was to celebrate in a big way with our members, the viewers and the listeners. Activities were planned all over the country, but unfortunately they will not take place. We will postpone that to 2021. Then we will do it all over again. ” However, in a special broadcast Monday of Tijd voor MAX, we look back on the basis of special fragments. A number of presenters will also join, including André van Duin, Huub Stapel, Janny van der Heijden and Özcan Akyol.


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