Jane Fonda talks about nude swimming with Michael Jackson

Jane was close friends with Michael in his heyday. The actress explains Watch What Happens Live to presenter Andy Cohen that she lived with the singer for a long time. “I found him very endearing, a very interesting figure,” she says. “I knew him well.” The two had many adventures together. “I went skinny dipping with him once, how do you like that?”

Kim Kardashian was also discussed. Jane ran into the reality star once at a nail salon and later again at a Grammy party. During that game, the 82-year-old sat on the floor with singer Gladys Knight and then something crazy happened. “I wanted to get up and then I had this figure in my face,” jokes Jane, imitating Kim’s curves. “I thought, ‘That’s the most beautiful butt I’ve ever seen.’ Of course it turned out to be Kim Kardashian. So I said to her, ‘I’ve been looking at your ass for a while and I think it’s beautiful’.

Despite her age, Jane shines like never before. Look back at her impressive career in the video below.


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