Japan wants to pay tourists to visit the country

Have you always wanted to travel to Japan? Then it may soon be the time. Because after the corona crisis, Japan wants to stimulate tourism again and that’s why they want to pay you to visit their country.

It is of course not yet possible, but when the borders will reopen soon, Japan wants to attract people to their country. Tourism, which is normally a major source of income in Japan, has been on the back burner for some time now due to the corona pandemic. And the Japanese government now wants to do something about this.

99.9 percent fewer tourists


We should not tell you, of course, that tourism has been hit by the corona virus. For example, Japan barely attracted 2,900 foreigners in April. A 99.9 percent difference from the same month a year earlier. It was also the first time since 1964 that less than 10,000 tourists traveled to Japan in a month. Since that year, Japan has started tracking tourist numbers. The depth record since then was at 17,543 in February 1964.

Spring is usually a popular time to visit Japan. At that time, the famous Japanese Cherry trees are in bloom and you can enjoy the beautiful trees full of blossoms. But this year they were only visited by a few tourists.

170 euros per day

To boost tourism again, Japan has now launched an initiative called Go To Travel. With this, the Japanese government wants to give subsidies of up to 20,000 yen (about 170 euros) per day to tourists who travel to Japan. In total, the Japanese government has already pumped about 1.35 billion yen (11 million euros) into the project.

A Japanese ryokan
Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

The amount should eventually come down to half the total price tag of a trip to Japan. For the sake of clarity, you will not just be shoved several thousand yen in your hands when you land in Japan, but you will be able to use vouchers and discount coupons for various sights, shops and restaurants. The initiative is expected to start in July and is valid for anyone planning their trip through Japanese travel agencies or booking at Japanese hotels or traditional Japanese ryokan stays.

Japan was expecting a good summer with the Olympic Games scheduled in Tokyo. However, due to the corona pandemic, the Games were postponed to the summer of 2021.


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