Japanese billionaire is looking for eight people for a trip to the moon

A Japanese billionaire – Yusaku Maezawaseeks eight people to join him on a trip around the moon. Anyone can participate to conquer a seat in the SpaceX capsule.

“I want people from all backgrounds to participate,” Yusaku Maezawa said in a video on Twitter. The entrepreneur also shared a link where people from all over the world can apply. You don’t even have to dig deep into your pockets for the space flight: Maezawa pays for the entire trip out of his own pocket.

Two criteria

The so-called dearMoon mission is scheduled for 2023 and will send passengers around the moon aboard a Starship, a new rocket from space company SpaceX. The project was first announced in 2018 with the original intention to artists to take on the journey.

But now Maezawa candidates must meet only two criteria: they must engage in any activity “to help other people and society in some way” and they must “be willing to support other crew members who have the same goals. ”. “I bought all the seats, so it will be a private ride,” he added.

Eccentric billionaire

Early last year, Maezawa, who made his fortune with the creation and sale of the online fashion retailer Zozo, made headlines. The billionaire then announced that he was looking for a girlfriend to take with him on the trip around the moon. That quest was supposed to be the subject of a reality TV show. More than 27,000 women signed up, but the search was eventually halted for personal reasons.

In 2018, Maezawa went down in history as the first space tourist to buy tickets from Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. The price the wealthy Japanese was willing to pay for his ticket to space is unknown, but according to Musk it was “a lot of money”. The mission would be the first manned moon flight since 1972. (evb)


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