Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura, known from ‘Terrace House’ on Netflix, died after persistent harassment

Sad news from the wrestling world, because the promising young wrestler Hana Kimura passed away at the age of 22. In the hours before her death, Hana sent some disturbing messages to the world via social media.

Hana Kimura, a Japanese wrestler, passed away last weekend. She had been dealing with harassment and online hate messages for a long time, and in her last hours Hana shared a lot of “goodbye messages” on Twitter and Instagram.

Hana Kimura

Hana Kimura is the daughter of the successful wrestler Kyoko Kimura, who retired in 2017. So the love for the profession was fed to the young Hana by her mother. In 2005, Hana won her first title at the age of eight. And throughout her teens, she continued to build on her wrestling career. And she became one of the big names in the Japanese wrestling world.

Hana won several awards during her career, including two times Artist of Stardom Championship and Goddess of Stardom Championship. In addition, she also won the 5 ★ Star GP tournament last year and received the Stardom Fighting Spirit Award.

Terrace House: Tokyo

Who not into struggling women, Hana Kimura may also know from the Netflix series Terrace House. Kimura was seen there in the season Terrace House: Tokyo 2019–2020 which is currently getting weekly episodes on the streaming service.

Terrace House is a reality series in which six strangers move in together. It concerns three men and three women in their late teens to thirties. They all come from very different lifestyles, have different jobs and ambitions. And they also continue to work during the series. Although it is not officially a dating show, it sometimes looks like it. But don’t expect it Too Hot To Handlescenes, because in Terrace House everything happens in a mature and respectful way.

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019–2020

Different versions of the series have already been made, with new people living together in a house. So the most recent is Terrace House: Tokyo 2019–2020, which also featured wrestler Hana Kimura. She announced at the beginning of the season that she wanted to go on “a lot of dates” because in her profession she mainly encounters women and as a heterosexual woman therefore has few opportunities to fall in love.

But the season was suspended earlier than expected by the corona pandemic. Yet there were still quite a few episodes ready, which could still be broadcast. Out of respect for Hana Kimura’s family and friends, Netflix has decided not to release the following two episodes for the time being.


Hana Kimura has been a victim of online harassment since the beginning of her career. It was mainly about her ethnicity. Namely, Hana’s father was Indonesian, so Hana was Indonesian-Japanese. Which was reason enough to target the wrestler within Japan. But later in her career, Hana Kimura was also targeted by online bullies.

In a previously aired episode of Terrace House was shown how Hana had a conflict with roommate Kai Edward Kobayashi. He had washed her wrestling outfit along with his clothes and put them in the dryer. But Hana’s personalized wrestling outfit was fragile and wouldn’t have survived the drying cabinet. Hana was full of heart, took the cap off Kai’s head and dashed out of the room.

But she was not thanked for that response. Hana suffered a lot online and suffered from depression after the incident. And that depression eventually killed her. In the hours before her death, Hana tweeted the following message along with pictures of her self-mutilation. “Nearly 100 mean comments a day. I cannot deny that they hurt me. “Die,” “you’re disgusting,” “you should disappear.” I believed these things about myself more than they were true. Thanks mom, for the gift of life. I wanted to be loved all my life. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love you all. I’m sorry for being so weak. ”

Her latest message was also clearly a goodbye on Instagram. There she wrote: “Goodbye. I love you, have fun and live a long life. Sorry.” With a photo together with her cat.

Hana was found in the morning of Saturday 23 May by her mom Kyoko.

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