Jasper blunders again in TVOH: ‘Starting to get uncomfortable’

At the start of the performance it seemed to go wrong, when it became clear that Jasper was not quite comfortable with it. Presenter Chantal Janzen then tried to put him at ease. Fortunately, Jasper himself indicated that he certainly enjoyed his performance. “I’m relieved. It was exciting again.”

Anouk was the first jury member to speak. “I think you are a sweetheart,” she began commenting. “If your voice is good, I think it’s great. But this time it wasn’t that good,” she says. “It is starting to get uncomfortable”, Anouk says about the fact that it is the second time that things went wrong with Jasper. During the knockouts, his performance had to be stopped, because he was stiff with nerves. Anouk advised Jasper to gain more experience. “This is not the place for you to stand. You have to make miles.”

Ali B also had his say about Jasper’s performance. And he had advice for him. “Work on the story you tell yourself. Work on the scenario for yourself in which you see yourself shine”, says Ali. Finally, Jan also told what he thought of the performance. “This is very cruel,” he says. “Last week we saw that Jasper was the most nervous candidate ever. Then he recovered and it was after that spot on. Now he had lost his voice “, Jan explains.” But if you are hoarse, there is not much you can do about it. A throat problem, there is nothing you can do about it. I remain behind my candidate. “

After his performance in the knock outs, Jasper received many encouraging reactions from viewers The Voice. He responds to this in the video below.


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