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Jealous optimism and funny ‘fermentation’ in this I Leave couple

Carlos and Colinda have many I leave-lookers have a big smile on their face with their unbridled enthusiasm, boundless optimism, their French-Spanish-English mixture, their tulip bulbs as a gift and the hilarious ‘fermentation’ at breakfast. Car and Col remained positive throughout their adventure, their glass was not half full, but just full and an unconventional word between the two never fell. “We’re going to make something beautiful out of it, girl.”

Yesterday two million viewers enjoyed the Spanish fortunes of house painter Carlos (48) and taxi driver Colinda (52). The cozy couple leaves Breda behind, where especially their sons and the football club, which Carlos has been with since his teens, will be missed, to start a bed and breakfast together in the Spanish seaside resort of Bellreguard.

Brabantian authentic

It’s such a couple that you more than grant it. Both have been through a lot of misery in recent years, both of hers and one of his parents died and he survived a heart attack and a tia.

This does not mean that they have turned their whole lives around, because they happily turn around (roll tobacco) and pat, the deep fryer remains the greatest kitchen friend and the bottles of mayo and other sauces are standard on the table. A beer with dinner and a toast, with their two sons and daughter-in-law, on their new adventure. Brabant authenticity pur sang, and secretly you would love to come and eat a drink and sausage roll with this jovial family. You would be welcome too.

I have a bad departure

“Even if the solution will not be there tomorrow, then next week or next month,” is one of the clever Carlos’s credos. And that is a good thing, because of course things go wrong again in the Ik Departures. First of all, the purchase contract that cannot be signed. But let it just be the wedding day of these Brabanders, so it will be a sausage roll for them. “This house is ours!” Colinda exclaims happily. “Take that plate away.” And so does Carlos, who rips the ‘for sale sign’ off the balcony. “Okay girl, the house has been sold! And now we’re going to have a drink, I can’t chug anymore! ”

Then there is of course hassle with the contractor and at a certain point even stands la policía at the door. They have to stop the work until they have the necessary permit from the municipality, which they thought was not necessary.

It I leavecouple remains positive, even when after months of renovations they walk through the house that still looks like a ruin. “Already looks nice, eh girl,” he nods.

And then there is also a little corona, which makes everything even more delayed.

Frikandels and pea soup

During a visit to the Dutch supermarket, they are completely in their element. “Look, frikandellen!” He exclaims happily as he peers into the freezer. She is now loading packs of split peas. “Can I let our neighbor taste real pea soup?”

During the broadcast, the first I leave of the season, they conjure up tulip bulbs several times from a large bag. Specially taken to hand out to the people there. Although the neighbor is not that waiting for it. “Everything I grow dies!” She explains in Spanish with wild hand gestures, which Carlos and Colinda understand completely differently. They press the balls into her hand and leave in his Car and Col again: smiling broadly, with the diamond in her teeth glowing beautifully, and ‘gratsjias’!

Very slowly their Spanish is starting to look a little like something, although they keep on speaking in a mixture of different languages. Carlos makes something very special from the English word for toilet in particular: “Twailet.” His version of ‘whatsapp’ is one to lead their own life on social media.

Yeast for the guest

And then there are finally their first guests. A large part of the B&B is not yet finished, a stack of toilet bowls is still in the packaging next to the kitchen, ‘the dining room’ still looks a bit scanty, but the room looks perfect. According to Carlos, the mattress is the most important thing, so we invested in it, with gusto. “Slept well, and what a good mattress”, the guests respond morning after. They only missed the bedside table, but it is being worked on, Carlos assures them.

It will be the first B & B breakfast that Colinda will prepare and everything has been thought of. Boiled eggs, lots of sandwiches, toppings and of course those little packs of butter. At least Col thought when she bought it, but it turns out to be a ferment. “This is yeast,” says the guest.


In any case, they will not go back to the Netherlands. “We have a dream and it has now been about half realized,” they say in the last clip, looking back on their adventure. “We hope that the other half will come when everything opens again.” The biggest setback was that due to corona the children have not both visited and that the renovation “took a little longer”, Colinda summarizes.

“Life is a lot more relaxed here. The oranges are put at the door, everyone says hello in the street and there is more patience. ” The sentence is still completely there. “We will soon be serving a fine breakfast, with Brabant cosiness, but without sausage bread” (and yeast). They don’t regret a second, and they laugh heartily one more time, after which they grab each other tightly. “We’re just going to make it here, girl.”

#Nice couple

Carlos and Colinda have also been noticed on social media. Words like positivity, yeast, gun factor, shag and girl are widely used, as are mentions of their creative language, and someone says they even deserve the Nobel Prize for boundless optimism. Below a number of reactions:

Amersfoorter did not take it overnight and made an ice rink in his front yard

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Jealous optimism and funny ‘fermentation’ in this I Leave couple


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