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Jeangu Macrooy responds to ‘broccoli’ reactions Eurovision song

Jeangu Macrooy has been overloaded with reactions since he released his Eurovision song last night Birth of a new Age has launched. The singer has also noticed that many people in the Surinamese text hear the phrase ‘you are my broccoli’. But he can laugh about that, he tells it

“I was actually a bit prepared for the Mama Appelsap,” says the Surinam-born Jeangu, referring to the 3FM radio item for which listeners send in songs in which they hear Dutch phrases. Such a song text is picked up incorrectly by the brain and transformed into text that seems logical, but is completely wrong. “I can laugh about it, as long as it doesn’t go beyond the message, but I don’t have that idea.”

Jeangu Macrooy sings this instead of broccoli

In reality, the singer sings text in the chorus that is based on an old Surinamese saying: “Mi na afu sensi, no wan man e broko mi”, which literally means “I’m half a cent, you can’t break me”. A message of self-esteem, resilience and determination that Jeangu wants to convey with the song. “I am an optimistic person and the last year has been very tough for everyone. But instead of looking around and just seeing what’s bad, you can also find your own strength within and believe that everything is going to be okay. It’s my way of saying: don’t underestimate me, I can’t be beat. ”

Black Lives Matter

Another message that the singer put into the song is that everyone should be able to dare to be his “authentic self”. Partly because of this, many Twitterers made the link with the Black Lives Matter movement. “That is one of the layers in it. But it is a universal story of oppression in whatever utterance. It is about daring to stand up for yourself and stand up for equal treatment; regardless of, for example, the color of your skin or gender identity. It’s an ode to everyone. ”

Although the song has a clear message, that was not necessarily the intention when Jeangu started writing last year. “Of course you keep in mind that millions of people will soon hear the song and that what you make is important, but that’s not how the creative process goes for me. As a songwriter I work from what I feel inside, otherwise you cannot be sincere in your lyrics. I’m not going to censor myself, because I want to make art that is authentic. ”

Mark Rutte also responded

The singer hasn’t had time to read all the comments since last night, but his phone is ringing off the hook. “Lots of people who congratulate me, family who text me, really great fun.” Also that Prime Minister Mark Rutte the number Birth of a new Age “Incredibly beautiful” called in Eve, Jeangu is doing well. “I found that really special, that even Mark Rutte said something about it.”

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Jeangu Macrooy responds to ‘broccoli’ reactions Eurovision song


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