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Jeangu Macrooy reveals Eurovision song with Surinamese lyrics

Birth Of A New Age is the title of the song with which Jeangu Macrooy represents the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. The chorus is partly sung in his native language.

The song starts with a plucking guitar, over which a full choir sings to the listener. It’s a happy, rhythmic, uptempo song with positive lyrics about perseverance and resilience. “Even if you are oppressed,” explains the singer afterwards. The text is mainly in English, but the chorus is partly sung in Surinamese. There is a swipe in the bridge, which is not quite perfect during the first performance, although a later, higher swipe is completely spot on. Macrooy says this live version is slightly different from the studio version we’ll be hearing at a later time. “Live is always different when it comes to my music,” he explains. “It’s about living in the moment.”

Jeangy Macrooy reveals Birth Of A New Age

Opinions on the song on Twitter are divided, as usual when it comes to Eurovision songs. “I think it is very beautiful and powerful,” says lyricist Coot van Doesburg, who collaborated a lot with Paul de Leeuw. The addition of the choir is also beautiful according to many.

Several other listeners cannot place the Surinamese text and think Macrooy is singing about broccoli. Others praise that Macrooy is true to its Surinamese roots. “Sranang at the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time,” concludes radio and podcast makers Sherill Samson. “It is based on an old Surinamese proverb,” ​​Macrooy explains. “You may think I’m small and inferior, but you can’t break me.”

The singer-songwriter would already represent the Netherlands in 2020 at the international song festival with song Grow, but the competition had to be canceled due to the corona crisis. “I really got into a grieving process because I really wanted to put Grow down and couldn’t do it that way now,” he says of his disappointment in a conversation with the news agency. “But soon I started making new things together with my regular producer Perquisite.” One of those things was new Birth Of A New Age. On Saturday afternoon Macrooy will perform the song live at Muziekcafé NPO Radio 2.

Macrooy one of the 41 candidates

Macrooy is one of the 41 candidates participating in the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Netherlands is the host country, after Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 with his song Arcade. This was the first time in 44 years that the Netherlands went home with a profit. Other Dutch Eurovision winners were Corry Breken (1957), Teddy Scholten (1959), Lenny Kuhr (1969, joint first place with Great Britain, France and Spain) and Teach-In (1975). The Netherlands was the host country for the last time in 1980, because the Eurovision Song Contest coincided with a day of mourning in Israel, the winner of the previous year.

Watch Jeangu Macrooy’s song here:

Jeangu Macrooy would have gone for naked, intimate and close

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Jeangu Macrooy reveals Eurovision song with Surinamese lyrics


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