Jeep e-mountain bike at a bargain price at Aldi

Aldi is selling a Jeep e-mountain bike and an e-cruise bike for up to 750 euros cheaper – only while stocks last.

Jeep MHR 7000 electric mountain bike

The manufacturer Jeep is currently selling an all-rounder e-mountain bike at an attractive price via Aldi. Instead of the usual 2,299 euros, the e-bike MHR 7000 currently costs at Aldi

only 1,549 euros.

You can save 750 euros or 32 percent compared to the RRP. (The bike itself is offered in the Jeep online shop for 1,999 euros.) However, you should be quick: Experience has shown that Jeep bikes are often sold out after a short time. The campaign at Aldi runs until 08/14/22.

E-mountain bike from Jeep for 1,549 euros instead of 2,299 euros (Aldi)

The Jeep E-MTB for sporty and less sporty riders is powered by a rear engine. The electric pedal support makes long tours and especially steep climbs easy to manage. Depending on your driving style, you can travel up to 80 kilometers with one battery charge. A high-quality processing of the jeep bikes and wide tires ensure a high level of driving comfort.

Jeep E-Cruiser CR 7004

The Jeep Cruise e-bike for retro lovers is also a blatant device. With the Aldi offer you can save 600 euros today: The Cruise E-Bike CR 7004 costs

2,499 euros

instead of 3,099 euros RRP. The same applies here: only while stocks last. Otherwise, the Aldi campaign will run until 08/14/22. Incidentally, the bike costs 2,699 euros in the Jeep Store.

Cruise e-bike from Jeep for 2,499 euros instead of 3,099 euros (Aldi)

The Jeep bike in green retro design and wide tires is not only retro but also modern: The CR 7004 e-bike is equipped with an LCD display that shows speed, battery level and the distance covered. The Xiongda rear motor has an output of 250 watts, and the comfortable seating position makes for a high level of driving comfort. The battery will carry you up to 50 kilometers. The Cruiser is suitable for longer and mountainous off-road tours, but also “suitable for the city” thanks to front and rear lights, mudguards and safe disc brakes.

This deal will be available soon from Aldi: Jeep E-Mountainbike Fat

From 14.07. available:

If you like it even sportier, you should go to the Jeep Fat MHFR 7100 e-mountain bike

with fat tires

to grab. Also this is


at Aldi on offer:

for 1,899 euros

instead of the previous 2,699 euros. That’s a whopping savings of 800 euros. Installment purchase is possible. At Jeep itself, the model costs 2,299 euros – but is currently out of stock.

E-mountain bike FAT from Jeep for 1,899 euros instead of 2,699 euros (Aldi)

The FAT e-mountain bike is suitable for demanding tours in rough terrain. The 250-watt rear motor provides support on steep stretches. Jeep has thought of placing the center of gravity of the engine particularly low – this gives stable support and directional security.

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