Jeff Bezos has a luxury yacht built by a Dutch company

Bloomberg writes that based on excerpts from the book ‘Amazon Unbound’, by Brad Stone.

Hunting was still missing

Although ships are pre-eminently a toy of the rich, Bezos did not have a ship of his own yet, but he stayed on the yachts of wealthy friends. He will soon be able to ask them for a cup of coffee at the stand, because the three-masted ship is expected to be ‘one of the most beautiful sailing yachts in existence’.

Other details about the yacht are not known, even among connoisseurs in the luxury boat world. Bezos will undoubtedly visit the second smaller ship with a helipad with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, who is not only a journalist but also a helicopter pilot and gives flying lessons to her boyfriend.

Price tag unknown

It is unclear what the two ships ordered by Bezos will cost or how Oceanco from Alblasserdam will receive the order. The company doesn’t even want to confirm that it has Bezos as a customer.

“It is our policy to never say anything about our customers because of their privacy,” a spokesperson for the Dutch company told RTL Z. It is certain that Bezos will have to dig deep into his pockets. As a rule, a superyacht costs at least a million euros per linear meter, but that can also be a lot more.


In any case, Bezos will have a lot more free time to enjoy his boat from the autumn. Then he will stop as CEO of Amazon. That job “takes up all your time,” he said earlier.

Incidentally, he still remains in the picture of the company he founded himself. Bezos becomes executive chair of the board. This position is comparable to a chairman of the supervisory board.


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