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Jelka van Houten about Niks Te Melden, a hilarious series about eh… nothing

Deputy shame. Moments when you think “don’t say it”. You definitely get that with the new series Nothing To Report.

Do you feel like nothing? Then BNNVARA has a lot from tomorrow night. Nothing To Report to be precise. An absurd six-part series, based on an idea and adapted from No Activity from Australia. A series to love and perhaps just as many to hate.

Waiting for no action

The bottom line: All characters are waiting for action that never comes. For example, the two policemen Nico and Maarten, who are stationing in their police car, waiting for something that never happens (Stefan de Walle and Henry van Loon). They are in contact with Sandra and Nikki in the emergency room, who have to manage everything should something ever happen (Jelka van Houten and Eva Laurenssen). And then there are three criminals who try to remain invisible (Theo Maassen, Jim Deddes and André Dongelmans). In their boredom, these seven are condemned to each other with inimitable and uncomfortable conversations. But what mainly sounds from the police car: “Nothing to report.”

Metro’s reporter saw Episode 1 and concludes: This is hilarious. Deputy shame, crooked toes and “no no no, you don’t even think like that, let alone say this” were also involved in the viewing. Just like being misled. To complete the craziness, Theo Maassen said about it Nothing To Report al: “I discovered things about myself through this role that I would rather not have known.”

A photo of Jelka and Eva in Niks Te Melden
Eva Laurenssen (left) and Jelka van Houten in the emergency room. Photo: BNNVARA

Round belly not visible in Niks Te Melden

Jelka van Houten appears with her partner Henry van Loon in this comic series, as they did earlier in Random Shit on Videoland. They “are now” seven months pregnant. The couple is expecting their first child, Jelka already has two from a previous relationship. Of course we sit down opposite this heavily pregnant actress at a good distance, so neat and safe for her. In that round belly Nothing To Report? Nothing to see.

Who the hell comes up with something like this series?
Jelka: “Someone somewhere in Australia, isn’t it? Rik van den Bos was asked by the production company for the translation and Henry is a member of him. ”

What was it like playing with Henry again?
“That’s always nice, of course, although I haven’t really played with him now. I didn’t hear him during our scenes on the phone. ”

A photo of Stefan de Walle and Henry van Loon in their police car
Stefan de Wall (left) and Henry van Loon in their police car, waiting for nothing. Photo: BNNVARA

So you didn’t hear those terrible things he says about and to you and Eva Laurenssen in your ear…?
“Haha no, but if it was then I can separate that from our real life.”

What is it like playing in three groups in different settings, while you don’t see each other at all?
“That’s fine, but what was especially special was that we recorded the six episodes in two days. I’ve never done that before, but it was also exciting and a challenge. It was crazy too, especially since we had a lot of text. It became a kind of brainwash of words. ”

Do you realize how funny it is while playing?
“Well, you are on a completely different level of concentration and mainly trying to get it right. You are in the moment and are not concerned with the end result. You also only experience your own line and do not know what was turned on the other side. So I was curious… ”

Young versus older and dyed in the wool

Is Sandra a very wise aunt or maybe not at all? I’m not quite sure yet …
“That may be true, because the main intention was that the characters of Eva and I would not understand each other all the time. It’s always fun to play. But no… Sandra is not stupid. She just has very different standards than Nikki. The young girl opposite death, dyed a little older lady. ”

This must also be a role with a lot of fun for Henry.
“Certainly, she has had a lot of fun translating. Rick and Henry are both hands on one stomach. It was quite a job, because humor is a different thing in every country. ”

A photo of Eva Laurenssen as Nikki in Niks Te Melden
Eva Laurenssen as Nikki. Photo: BNNVARA

If he writes something, is it almost natural for you to participate?
“No, it is not. I think I would participate before he started translating, so that has nothing to do with it. I barely remember. We were supposed to play it longer ago, but then came corona. Then it was canceled, then it did… We were at least working on it for a while. About seven weeks ago we were finally able to make it. ”

How did you get through that corona time? Was it perhaps nice for a pregnant woman like you that the world stood still for a moment?
“I don’t like it anyway when the world comes to a standstill. I had just finished playing, so it was a bit slower for me. I was not able to do one film, that was a shame. But yeah, you just mess around with the oars you have, right? Everyone has. I hated one thing: zoom! How tiring, for me as a digital literate. ”

Lovers and haters

Has No Activity in Australia more than one season, so can you continue?
“I think so, but the broadcaster still has to want it. You never know. Bee Itching I thought “that will be one season”, but it turned out to be five. “

Nothing To Report gets fans and haters, don’t you think?
“Yes, I think so. Something like Promenade has and Jeuk also had lovers and haters. Everything that sheds has that. I don’t mind, that’s nice. You can’t make something for everyone. I like that you love it or don’t like it at all. I have that myself with other programs too. “

A photo of Theo Maassen and Jim Deddes in Niks Te Melden
Theo Maassen (left) and Jim Deddes as criminals. Photo: BNNVARA

But this cast will attract some viewers on Sunday.
“Yes, the cast is nice, isn’t it? All these names… that’s gold yes. I think it is due to corona, otherwise it would never have worked with all the agendas. No, I’m sure. Everyone suddenly had time. ”

Do you like being uncomfortable?
“It should be as uncomfortable as possible for me. The more uncomfortable the better. Not just to watch, but also to play. I think everyone in this cast likes it. ”

Does it taste like more or er… first just “just” a child?
“This certainly tastes like more, but indeed: I will do that first. Putting a child on the earth successfully. ”

Nothing To Report can be seen at BNNVARA from tomorrow on six Sundays, 22.35 on NPO 3.

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Jelka van Houten about Niks Te Melden, a hilarious series about uh… nothing


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