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Jennifer Lopez undresses in racy video clip on Triller

Jennifer Lopez has a new music video of today In the morning shared on Triller. With wings on her back, she dances around naked, in the name of art.

She may be 51 years old now, but Jennifer Lopez refuses to conform to her age. “Women today grow old with a different attitude. We are as fit as 20-year-old women and the way we are viewed has changed. We are sexy women with more self-confidence than before, ”she recently said in an interview with Subway.

Jennifer Lopez undresses in music video ‘In The Morning’

By living a little healthy and exercising well, J.Lo still has the curves of yesteryear. They may therefore be seen. She remains a sought-after model for bikini campaigns, and in her own video clips she throws off all the shyness. Her latest video has not premiered on YouTube, but on the video service Triller.

Jennifer Lopez probably shared a teaser of the video clip on Instagram that lasts almost 3 minutes. On the Triller website, watch the full video of In the morning.

Motivator on Instagram

On the cover of the single In the morning Jennifer Lopez also appeared naked. This garnered the 51-year-old singer praise, millions of likes and thousands of comments. “If this doesn’t break the internet, I don’t remember,” said one of her followers.

In another interview she says she wants to inspire women not to think in terms of age boxes. “I no longer exercise like I did in my thirties, but I am still at least three times a week,” says Jennifer Lopez. “I notice that you can strive for youth at any age. You decide how active you are mentally and physically. ” Nowadays she shares her #MondayMotivation on Instagram. An overview of the last weeks.

Would you rather avoid the curves of Jennifer Lopez in the video clip: listen In the morning than on Spotify.

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Jennifer Lopez shares racy new music video on Triller


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