Jessie J hospitalized with a mysterious condition

Christmas weekend wasn’t as cheerful as Jessie J had anticipated. The singer could not be with her family, as she lives in California and her family in England. But things went from bad to worse when she suddenly went deaf and could no longer walk. “I woke up and couldn’t hear anything in my right ear and couldn’t walk in a straight line anymore,” Jessie explains on Instagram.

Jessie turns out to have Ménière’s syndrome. “I know a lot of people have this and many have already given me advice,” she says. ‘I was able to sing for the first time today’. It is an ear disorder, which can make you dizzy and give the impression that everything is turning and walking becomes difficult. In addition, it can make you nauseous and lose your balance. It could have been a lot worse. It is what it is’, the singer concludes.

“I am super grateful for my health,” Jessie concludes. ‘Fortunately I got there early and they soon found out what it was. I now have the right medication, so I feel a lot better. ‘ She also hopes that everyone will give each other ‘some extra love’ during this period. “This week, think about everything you have and not what you don’t have.”


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