JetDrive 9 for free: We are giving away hard disk tuners

With JetDrive 9 you can make your hard disk faster again. We give you the full version for free. Only for a short time!

We’re giving you another great full version: JetDrive 9, worth 30 euros, cleans up your hard drive with just a few clicks and makes your computer run faster again. You can get the top full version for free on for a short time only.

To the free full version: Abelssoft JetDrive 9

Note on the duration of the promotion:

The full version is available free of charge from now until at least Sunday, May 22, 2022, 11:59 p.m. The promotion ends as soon as the download link above is no longer active or clickable.

Note on the full version and activation

You receive the current version 9 of JetDrive with one restriction compared to the purchased version: There is no option to upgrade to future versions.

To activate the full version

of JetDrive 9, first download the setup file and then start the installation. You will then be asked to enter your first and last name and a valid email address. Complete!

JetDrive 9 defragments the hard disks including the registry and Windows system files


JetDrive 9 defragments the hard disks including the registry and Windows system files

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Information on the free full version of JetDrive 9

With JetDrive (for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11) you get a powerful tool that makes hard drive defragmentation a breeze. The program reassembles the (large) files stored on the hard disk into one piece and rearranges them completely. This can significantly speed up the computer. In the current version 9, the developers have added 1-click operation. The highlights of JetDrive 9 at a glance:

  • Fragment hard drive

    : JetDrive 9 defragments the entire hard drive. The program works in the background so as not to disturb normal work.

  • Defragment Windows system files

    : Normally, the user cannot access the sensitive Windows system files at all. JetDrive 9 can also defragment them.

  • Defrag registry

    : The registry also grows over time and keeps getting bigger. JetDrive 9 uses its own defrag method to make the registry small and compact again.

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