Jetracer: With this chair you fly up to 250 km/h fast and 3 km high

Protected only by a helmet and a suit, you fly on a chair up to 250 km/h fast and up to 3000 meters high. With the jet racer. You can now apply for test flights.

Franky Zapata has struck again. The Frenchman, who is enthusiastic about flying, flies around with a kind of drone – something like a flying chair. In contrast to classic drones, however, no propellers provide lift and propulsion, but ten small turbojet engines drive Zapata’s jet racer.

The Jetracer can do that

The Jetracer can take off and land vertically. There is space for one person on the lounger, there are no wings. The range is rather short, but the Jetracer is very agile and can accelerate very quickly. Zapata specifies the maximum speed as 250 km/h (this value is planned and not yet possible). The pilot sits on the chair, protected only by a helmet and protective suit, and will thus climb to an altitude of up to 3,000 meters, as Zapata promises. Drive, control and energy supply should be designed redundantly to increase safety. For example, two of the ten turbines should be allowed to fail without affecting the flight.

The Jetracer should also be able to cope with turbulent wind situations. Autonomous flights should also be possible. A control system helps with steering.

jet racer


However, Zapata sees not only the civil sector as a purpose, including recreational flights for pure fun, but also the military sector. For example, as a means of transport for special commands or for reconnaissance flights – for these purposes, however, the turbine noise seems too loud to us, because in war the principle of camouflage also applies to noise.

jet racer


Zapata is now looking for 100 test candidates who want to fly the Jetracer in the USA. 25 of them actually want to take off with the Jetracer. If you are interested, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and apply.

Here on Youtube you can see a demo video of the Jetracer:

In the past, Franky Zapata has repeatedly written headlines with spectacular flight demonstrations. He set a world record when the Frenchman flew 2252 meters on a hoverboard. This flight is also his responsibility: For the first time, man flies on a flyboard across the English Channel.

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