Jim Bakkum shares remarkable photo with ex-girlfriend Gaby Blaaser

Jim shares an old-fashioned photo on his Instagram with a subtle message. This shows how he and Gaby, with whom he had a relationship from 2003 to 2006, stand hand in hand on the red carpet of the TMF Awards. That photo was taken in 2005. “I was tagged in this photo and suddenly something became very clear to me,” Jim writes.

“Gaby, you were holding gold at the time. As long as you realize that, “Jim continues. He concludes the message with the hashtag “style is not for sale,” and that’s one thing for sure. With the text, Jim seems to be winking at his – let’s say quite out of fashion – choice of clothing. The photo can count on a lot of hilarity among its followers.

Among others, Bas Smit, Nicolette van Dam’s husband, cannot keep his comments to himself. “You really have to punish your stylist for this,” he said. Jim’s shocking answer: “You think a stylist did this?”

Gaby appreciates the photo and writes: “Look at us shine”. Jim has been very happy with his lovely wife Bettina Holwerda for several years now. Together they have three children.

And Gaby, who is now of course busy with the search for true love. She recently told all about it at RTL Boulevard.


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