Jitsu Squad is a cartoon-style 2D brawler … with Yooka-Laylee

With Jitsu Squad, a new video game is once again vying for your favor on Kickstarter. Although, strictly speaking, Jitsu Squad doesn’t need you anymore. It has already been financed and has even exceeded its financing target. With 26 remaining days of the campaign, it has already achieved three times its target: over 45,000 euros.

Jitsu Squad is a 2D brawler that relies on many colors and accessibility. Supporters of the campaign will also receive a commercial version for a corresponding amount, which is produced jointly with Strictly Limited Games and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as PCs. Incidentally, the campaign speaks of a “Kickstarter version”, so the physical version will probably also be available on the open market later.

Crossover with assist characters

Jitsu Squad is developed by the Dutch Tanuki Creative Studio. Jitsu Squad is supposed to be a fast-paced brawler with a colorful cartoon look, in which players experience chaotic battles. It’s supposed to combine the accessibility of Streets of Rage with the speed and intensity of Guilty Gear and Super Smash Bros.

A playable demo is already available for PC, so you can see for yourself before you spend any money. The assist characters should and should also provide additional attention.

They each appear in combat for a short time and help you. Maximilian Dood, Look Mom and, last but not least, Yooka-Laylee have already been announced as assist characters. More are to be presented in the future.

A trailer for Jitsu Squad

Images: Jitsu Squad, Tanuki Creative Studio


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