Jiushark M.2 Three: Huge SSD cooler with fan

The cooler from China is supposed to cool M.2 SSDs reliably. The manufacturer promises halved temperatures.

Current SSDs in M.2 format generate more and more heat. In well-ventilated cases, no additional cooling of the SSD is usually necessary. However, especially new models with PCI Express 4.0 can get so hot during long write loads that they slow down. With the introduction of PCI Express 5 SSDs with the new Zen 4 processors from AMD, this fact will only increase. With its M.2 Three tower cooler, the Chinese manufacturer Jiushark wants to ensure that the SSD keeps a cool head even under heavy use.

Cooling tower with 60 mm fan

For this purpose, Jiushark relies on an eight centimeter high tower cooler, which can also be equipped with an active fan if desired. Then the space requirement of the cooler increases to 82 x 74 x 35.5 millimeters. A 6610 fan with a diameter of 60 millimeters is included in the scope of delivery. This should shovel 23.8 cubic meters of fresh air to the SSD at 3000 revolutions per minute per hour and be relatively quiet at 25.4 dB.

Halved temperatures?

According to the manufacturer, the cooling tower can reduce the temperature of an SSD by more than half. The heat sink, which is made entirely of aluminum, has 27 ribs and a heat pipe, which is connected to the SSD with thermal paste. The cooler weighs 113 grams and is attached using a stainless steel holding mechanism.

No more throttling

The manufacturer wants to underline the advantages of the SSD cooler in a specially created diagram: Compared to an uncooled SSD like a Samsung 980 Pro, the temperatures with the cooler are 33 instead of 71 degrees Celsius. This is to guarantee that the SSD does not throttle its speed even with large write loads. In China, the cooler costs between 9 and 13 US dollars, depending on the color.

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