Job interview via video? 7 tips to get that job online

If you are looking for a new job and are invited to interview, this means that due to the corona crisis, your job interview will be done via a video call. That provides extra tension. Because what do you do if the technology falters? And how do you make a real connection if you cannot make eye contact?

Due to the efficiency, there is a good chance that job interviews will also be held via video calls after the corona crisis. 7 tips to make your next job interview successful via a video call.

1. Test the technology

Nothing is more frustrating than being ready for a job interview to find out that your microphone is actually not working at all. Therefore, check in advance with a friend whether you can both see and hear each other. This way you can also practice with the job interview itself.

2. Practice your video job application skills

If you’re not used to video calling, the job interview will feel a little awkward. Especially because you see yourself constantly. Many video programs allow you to record the conversation and review what you can do better later. Maybe you have a very relaxed attitude, for example, or your facial expression comes across as uninterested.

3. Have a good set-up

A good set-up ensures that you look more professional. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Go for a neutral background with as little clutter and other distractions as possible.
  • If you work with many roommates, children, or pets at home, your best option is to sit in a room where you can close the door.
  • Sit by a window for natural light. Make sure the light source is behind the computer, not behind you.
  • Make sure your webcam is slightly above eye level so you don’t have to look down. Don’t have a laptop stand? Then place your laptop on a stack of books.

4. Report it if you cannot understand the other person

You may not be able to properly understand the interviewer. Although it may feel rude, it is always good to indicate this and ask if the other person can repeat it. This prevents miscommunication and also shows that you are proactive and honest about problems.

5. Rather wait too long than too short to answer

We all know the awkward silences during video calling, where both people wait for the other to speak. It makes sense that you want to avoid this. Still, it is better to drop a momentary silence than to answer when the interviewer was not really ready.

With your answers, it should be clear that you are ready. You do this by, for example, closing strongly, giving a nod or returning a question.

6. Non-verbal communication is extra important

Non-verbal communication is important in every conversation. But during a video job interview, a lot of things like eye contact and body language disappear. The worst part is that you can no longer make small comments like “mm-hm’s” and “yes, sure”, because many video platforms can only use one microphone at a time.

Therefore, make sure you nod or smile at moments like this. In any case, don’t sit still like a statue. That makes the interviewer wonder during a long story about the company if you are not stuck. Show that you are excited!

7. Show your personality

In a face-to-face job interview, there is still room for small talk before and after the interview. For example, if you walk into the room where your conversation is, or if you collect your belongings. With a video application, that option actually disappears, and that while an interviewer still selects a click.

Therefore, be yourself and stay personal without losing your professionalism. Make sure that your interview is not “question – answer – question – answer”, but an actual interview.

Tessa Ham is editor at and writes for Metro about career and money.

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7 tips for a successful job interview via video call


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