Job search: Sectors in which there are currently many vacancies

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Even if the second lockdown is still going on and is putting the German economy to the test, there are good job opportunities in some areas, as Stepstone reports. The e-recruiting company, which, like, belongs to Axel Springer, has now analyzed the effects of the second lockdown on the labor market.

While job vacancies fell by 42 percent when the first lockdown began in March 2020, German companies are currently posting more jobs again. Compared to the beginning of the second lockdown in November 2020, there are currently almost 14 percent more jobs, according to Stepstone. Especially in the first three weeks in January 2021 there should have been a real demand boom from companies on

Despite the 0.5 percent increase in the unemployment rate, which is now 6.4 percent, many work areas currently offer good job opportunities. If you are currently looking for a job, you have an advantage especially in the areas of banking, finance and insurance. Because there is still a high demand in these professional fields.

The job offers have only fallen by eleven percent compared to the previous year – and especially in the past week, 42 ​​percent more new jobs were advertised in these industries than at the beginning of the lockdown in November. But also in marketing, the trades and in the field of scientific research the demand has just increased by up to 26 percent.

The demand boom is primarily due to the season

However, this boom is also seasonal. Because at the beginning of a new year, many companies traditionally look particularly intensively for new employees. Even if the boom due to the lockdown is not as big as in previous years: Labor market expert Tobias Zimmermann from Stepstone expects that this demand will continue to rise as soon as the measures are relaxed.

But: There are also many interested parties in the many positions. Not only companies are looking for new employees at the beginning of the year. During this time, many people deal more intensively with their professional life and their wishes for change. Stepstone reports that in January 2021, an average of 39 percent more people searched for new jobs on the portal than in the previous year.

For companies, according to Zimmermann, the situation above all offers the opportunity to secure sought-after and talented employees – and to put together their team in such a way that it can implement projects after the pandemic as well as possible.



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