Joe Biden is now also officially the next president of the United States

The United States Congress has endorsed Joe Biden’s victory in the United States presidential election. This means that Biden is now formally the next American president. That ratification, normally a formality, lasted well into the night due to protests and the storming of the Capitol this time.

One of the most moving ratifications ever made by a legally elected US president is finally over. A special session began on Wednesday evening in which the Senate and the House of Representatives jointly confirm the election results in all US states.

Normally, such a session is a formality in which all results are read out state by state and all electors are distributed to the various candidates. This time, however, several Republicans had announced – at the request of President Donald Trump – to challenge these results.

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Session shut down

That already started yesterday with the results of Arizona. However, after a vote of the Senate and the House, it was rejected. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, the session had to be halted when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and even got inside. That attack lasted several hours and killed at least four people.

After the National Guard finally cleared the terrorists, the Joe Biden endorsement session continued. It was then past midnight in the United States. At the start of that resumption, both Mike Pence, vice president and chairman of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republicans in the Senate, and Chuck Schumer, leader of the Senate Democrats, took the floor.

Taking oath on January 20

Then the formalities continued. This time too, however, there was another hiatus when the results of the state of Pennsylvania were challenged. After a new vote in both the Senate and the House, Biden was finally able to be confirmed as the next president of the United States.

He ultimately defeats Donald Trump with 306 electors to 232. On January 20, Biden will take the oath as the 46th president of the United States. Trump just announced that this transfer of power will be “peaceful”.


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