Joe Biden’s dogs already have their own fan pages on Instagram and Twitter

With Joe Biden named the winner of the US presidential election, it means another dog will be roaming The White House after four years. More so, suddenly they are two dogs.

President-elect Joe Biden will (most likely) move into The White House in January. He will of course do this together with his wife and new first lady Jill Biden, but also with his two “first dogs” Champ and Major.

Champ and Major

Joe Biden has two German Shepherds, Champ and Major. The older of the two is Champ. When Joe Biden ran as Barack Obama’s running mate in the presidential election, he promised his wife Jill that they would get a dog if Obama won. That happened, so Joe and Jill brought home the puppy Champ in 2008. The name was chosen by Joe Biden’s granddaughters. When Biden was vice president, he also shared plush Champs during visits to children’s and retirement homes.

In 2018 Joe Biden brought his second dog into the house. Major is another German Shepherd that Joe adopted from the shelter. As a puppy, Major was given up because his owners did not have enough money to take care of him.

Just like Bo and Sunny, Barack Obama’s two Portuguese water dogs, Champ and Major will also make their entrance in The White House. Major will even make history as the first shelter dog to become First Dog. And a lot of people are already looking forward to that. As a result, Champ and Major already have their own fan accounts on social media.

First dogs USA

Champ and Major now have their own fan accounts on both Instagram and Twitter. Photos of the two dogs and their owners Joe and Jill Biden are shared on @firstdogsusa (same name on both platforms).

During Joe Biden’s presidency, we can probably expect many more photos of his two faithful four-legged friends.


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