Joe Exotic fans disappointed in Trump’s choice

Despite his many requests, President Donald Trump (74) has not pardoned Tiger King star Joe Exotic (57). Much to the disappointment of Joe’s fans. They react disappointed on social media to the news that the zoo keeper from the much-discussed Netflix documentary is not on Trump’s gratitude list.

“It looks like Trump is in Team Baskin after all”

Joe is serving a 22-year sentence for plotting to murder his nemesis Carole Baskin and for cruelty to animals. He had repeatedly requested the president’s release and even seemed to anticipate that he would receive a good report on Tuesday. His lawyer said there was already a limo, hairdresser and makeup artist waiting at the prison to receive Joe after his release.

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His fans were also hopeful. Joe was a trending topic on Twitter and after it was announced that he was not on the list of the president, they reacted disappointed. “It looks like Trump is on Team Baskin after all,” someone tweeted. “I am a bit disappointed that Joe Exotic has not been pardoned on the condition that he immediately makes a new series of Tiger King makes, ”wrote another.

Tiger King was a big hit on Netflix last March. The series was about the extravagant Joe and his game reserve full of tigers and other wild animals. The long battle that Baskin, herself the owner of a feline shelter, had with him over the treatment of his hundreds of tigers and lions was the main storyline of the series. Baskin tried to close the doors of his zoo, and Exotic in turn questioned her husband’s mysterious disappearance.

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