Joep (13) makes nose clips for healthcare personnel with his 3D printer

Joep’s mother works in a hospital and wears glasses, she asked Joep if he could do something about the fogging of her glasses. Joep has a 3D printer and is very handy with it. “I had seen on the internet that there are clips that you can slide on top of the mouth mask so that it closes properly”, he explains to EditieNL. “I copied this with my own 3D printer and it worked really well.”

His mother took the clip to work and the reactions were very positive there too.

Additional printer

Joep enthusiastically shared his home-made clips in the neighborhood app and the news reached someone from Zorggroep Amaris via via. “I am now allowed to make nose clips for Amaris. In order to be able to print faster, I get an extra 3D printer from the care group.”

He makes three different sizes that always fit. “You can also place them in warm water and then shape them a bit to your own nose.”

Joep just goes to school, but in between he prints as much as he can. “In addition to the nose clips, I also print things that I design myself. I recently noticed that my shampoo bottle no longer fit in the shower rack, so I designed and printed an extra rack myself.”

Joep does not yet know whether he wants to make 3D printing his profession later. “I’m only in the second, it’s just my hobby for now.”


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