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Johan Derksen in conversation with Talpa and Inside brokers

René van der Gijp, Johan Derksen and Wilfred Genee come together today to talk to Talpa about the future of their program Veronica Inside.

Johan Derksen has no idea yet what the conversation will yield, he says BuzzE. “I don’t know if we’ll get out. I don’t argue with anyone. Talpa asked us to come up with a solution. We’ll see, ”says Derksen, who didn’t want to speak of an ultimatum. Derksen had an interview with Genee in Grollo last week. He did not want to say what was discussed there.

Van der Gijp also has no idea

René van der Gijp did not want to anticipate whether or not to continue the popular football talk show today. “I really have no idea,” he told RTL Boulevard. He previously stated that he only wanted to continue in a different format. “Veronica Inside will not come back, ”he told BuzzE two weeks ago.

A photo of Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp at Veronica Inside
The Veronica Inside gentlemen (from left to right) Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp. Photo: / Lex van Lieshout

The three men have clashed since the much-discussed racism broadcast of Veronica Inside last month. René and Johan felt betrayed by their colleague and said they no longer wanted to participate in the program. Subway reported on the “historic broadcast”, which for the time being also became the last broadcast.

Note Johan Derksen

In the episode, the men spoke to lawyer Natacha Harlequin and former international Dries Boussatta. They tried to explain why some of Johan’s comments are considered racist by people. The broadcast was inserted after a comment from Derksen about Akwasi the week before was perceived by many as racist. The rapper had shouted at a protest against racism on Dam Square in Amsterdam that if he saw Zwarte Piet in November, he would kick it in the face. When at another protest in Leeuwarden a man dressed as a piet turned up, Derksen asked “if we were not sure that Akwasi was not.”

Continue depending on the three

Whether the show will continue in the future depends on the trio, Paul Römer, Talpa managing director of radio and television, said earlier. “They must have that discussion together, in a room with the door closed. And not through the newspapers, radio and television programs. ”

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Johan Derksen talking to Talpa and Inside buddies: “I don’t argue with anyone”


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