John Oliver sponsors Dutch marble tournament on YouTube

The presenter told this in the most recent episode of his program. According to Oliver, the marble event is “the one sport event we all desperately need.”

The tournament is organized by the Dutch YouTubers YouTubers Jelle and Dion Bakker, who now have nearly a million subscribers. On their channel, they host multiple marble competitions, including the Marble League, Marbula One and Marble Rally. The tournaments have hefty production values, including large arenas built with, for example, Lego bricks.

Arena full of advertising

The duo looked for a sponsor for their big tournament this year, until Oliver decided to fill this gap. The marble arena is filled with stickers for his program, just like would happen with a regular sports tournament. The initiative is discussed in the video below from the seventeenth minute:

In addition, the program maker promises to donate $ 5,000 after a competition to a food bank in the name of the winner. In the name of the eventual champion, $ 20,000 will be donated to the International Rescue Committee, an aid organization that provides assistance to refugees.


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