Johnson under pressure from advisor lockdown violation

Advice “got into the bin”

However, critics fear the credibility of the government may have been seriously damaged by the generous interpretation of the lockdown rules for the government adviser. Several experts, according to their own statements government had previously given advice, expressed concern. Within a few minutes, Johnson “got all the advice on how to build trust and ensure that the measures necessary for the control of Covid-19 were in the bin,” tweeted psychologist Stephen Reicher of the St.- Andrews University in Scotland.

The influential tabloid Daily Mail headlined on Monday for pictures by Johnson and Cummings: “What planet do they actually live on?” Opposition leader Keir Starmer of the Labor Party was disappointed with Johnson’s actions. “It was a big test for the Prime Minister and he just failed,” said Starmer in one BBC-Interview. Millions of people should have made difficult decisions, such as not visiting relatives and not going to funerals, said the Labor leader.


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