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Joko & Klaas’ video “Men’s Worlds” exposes Germany’s sexism problem

  • Almost half of all women in Germany have been sexually harassed before.
  • The video contribution “Men’s Worlds” deals with this first topic, which was broadcast on Prosieben on Wednesday evening and then went viral.
  • The TV jokers Joko Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf earned 15 minutes of free broadcasting time at ProSieben and used it to let women like author Sophie Passmann and presenter Palina Rojinski report on the topic.

Get sexist sayings and messages or pictures of male genitals unsolicited – many women know that. Also, that at least one complicity in the clothes of a woman is sought for rapes, is not uncommon. The moderators Joko Winterscheidt (41) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (36) highlighted all of these topics with their show “Men’s Worlds – Harassment of Women” – and received above all thanks and approval online. Numerous users of social media were dismayed and also reported similar experiences – from sexual harassment to sexual violence.

Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf had earned 15 minutes of free airtime on ProSieben and used it for the serious topic. As “Not for the faint of heart”, Heufer-Umlauf had announced the post on Twitter. With regard to the corona pandemic, Joko and Klaas wrote in their shared Twitter account: “Almost half of all women in Germany have been sexually harassed before. Even in the current times of crisis, other important topics must not go under. ”The author and journalist Sophie Passmann led from 8:15 pm through the fictitious art exhibition“ Men’s Worlds ”.

Around 2.04 million viewers watched the program on television on Wednesday evening, which corresponds to a market share of 6.3 percent. The post was viewed more than a million times on YouTube by Thursday noon. Prosieben announced on Twitter that it would resubmit the post late Thursday evening: “Because it is so important.”

The hashtag #maennerwelten was used on Twitter more than 18,000 times until Thursday afternoon. The basic tenor: Thanks to Joko and Klaas for addressing this important topic at this time. “It’s not your fault. Never # men’s worlds, ”tweeted about the spokeswoman for women’s policy and deputy chairwoman of the Greens in the federal government, Ricarda Lang. The journalist Anne Will linked the article in a tweet with the addition “mandatory program”.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) thanked the moderators and all women who “reported on their cruel experiences” with a tweet. “Let’s fight together against sexism and sexualized violence.” The SPD MEP Tiemo Wölken described the quarter of an hour as “probably the most important 15 minutes of television of the year”. The women “held up the hideous # men’s world mirror to us men”.

At the beginning of the show, Dick Pics – with their genitals made unrecognizable – were presented, which many women receive online without being asked. You find this “simply under all sow” and “disturbing” said the moderator Palina Rojinski in conversation with Passmann. TV presenter Jeannine Michaelsen, presenter, author and DJ Visa Vie and model Stefanie Giesinger made hate comments with which they were insulted on social networks. Actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes and entertainer Katrin Bauerfeind also presented encroaching chat histories.

Some users shared their own experiences of sexual harassment on social networks. It is normal to be sexually harassed on the net, wrote user “Schmagülzchen” on Twitter: “I get at least one tail picture or a rough pickup from a stranger every day.”

There has been occasional criticism in the social network that only a few perspectives of sexual harassment and violence against women were highlighted in “men’s worlds”. Experiences of queer people, for example, were not discussed.

Stevie Schmiedel of the Pinkstinks protest campaign thinks it is “great” that the two moderators are using their brand and prominent airtime “to draw attention to a topic that always, but especially during these weeks receives too little attention”. At the same time it must be observed how the topic will be addressed in the future. “Will Joko and Klaas do without sexisms in their shows in the future? And Pro Sieben on Germany’s Next Top Model? ”Said Schmiedel. One should not consider the issue of devaluation of women separately: “It is an overall package that does not come from nowhere.”

“Men’s Worlds” is speechless, shakes and shakes, such a program was long overdue, according to Christa Stolle, Federal Manager of the Terre des Femmes organization. “We thank Joko and Klaas for making this topic public during prime time.”

Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf have already caused a sensation several times with their program “Joko & Klaas Live”. At the start of the show in May 2019, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf had given three people space on their program to talk about the issues of refugee aid, homelessness and the fight against right-wing extremism.


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