Jonathan Galindo: Dangerous Momo Challenge is back with a new (terrifying) face

The life-threatening Momo challenge is back with a new face. This time he listens to the name Jonathan Galindo and does not work via WhatsApp, but mainly via Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Jonathan Galindo, it’s a name you may have already seen popping up on social media. Or maybe you have already seen “his face”. Jonathan Galindo is a person, painted like a dog, who scares people online. This is because the renewed version of the Momo challenge has caused a lot of fuss in recent years.

Momo challenge

Two years ago the world was startled by the Momo challenge. In addition, many young people were prompted by various fictitious persons to face various challenges. Those challenges went from small things like things to say to your parents or friends, but also grew into more dangerous assignments, such as self-mutilation and rumors, even suicide. About ten deaths of young people were eventually linked to the Momo challenge, including a 13-year-old boy from Luxembourg in Belgium.

The Momo challenge was seen as a new flare-up of the so-called Blue Whale challenge. That challenge went the same way and in 2016 caused more than 130 deaths in Russia. Later, the challenge also spread to other countries, where he caused more fatalities.

Jonathan Galindo

And now a similar challenge has already surfaced for the third time. As with the Momo challenge, the “face” of the challenge is a strange character. This time not a chicken with a human head, but a person dressed as a dog. For the rest, it works exactly the same as the Momo challenge.

Jonathan Galindo addresses young people via private message with the question whether they “want to play a game”. That game again consists of several assignments, where young people are forced to carry them out because otherwise Jonathan will leak personal data. The missions are becoming increasingly dangerous again with possible suicide as the last mission.

New social media

Where the Momo challenge mainly took place via WhatsApp, the Jonathan Galindo challenge mainly uses the social media that are popular with young people. Think of Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. On all those platforms, dozens of profiles have already surfaced with “Jonathan Galindo” in the name.

Looks like the profile on Twitter @JonathGalindo was the first. After which the copycats shot out of the ground like mushrooms. Dozens of Jonathan Galindo profiles can be found on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Of course there are some who only create such a profile for fun. But there are undoubtedly also some people with bad intentions. Therefore, caution is definitely recommended.

If you have questions about suicides or need a conversation, you can go to the Suicide Line via the free number 1813 or at


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