Jos B. files a lawsuit against RTL

Ewout Genemans spent three years with the detective team in the Nicky Verstappen case. Even before a suspect was in the picture and a large-scale DNA relationship study was started, the presenter joined. What followed was an exciting search for a suspect in the criminal case that has occupied the country for decades. After the conviction of Jos B. last Friday – he was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison – Ewout announced that the two-part documentary can be seen on television on Sunday and Monday.

Apparently B. is not happy with the documentary. “This preliminary relief proceedings are aimed at obtaining a ban”, can be read in the summons that RTL Boulevard has in its hands. Lawyer Adi van Koningsveld argues that there has not yet been an irrevocable judgment in the case against B. According to him, there is “an unlawful act”.

Innocent until proven otherwise

The counsel indicates that the convicted Limburger is always presented as the perpetrator, while an appeal is still awaiting. According to him, there has been a violation of the so-called presumption of innocence, the principle that states that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. According to the plaintiff, the documentary is also an invasion of privacy.

If the court agrees to a ban, a penalty of 250,000 euros per violation must be paid if it is to Counsel Van Koningsveld, with a maximum of 1,000,000 euros. “The interest in the broadcast of the documentary in no way outweighs the interest of the plaintiff,” says the lawyer.

Peter R. de Vries, confidant of Nicky Verstappen’s family, does not think that the judge will proceed to a ban, he tells this site. “I think the response is very late. And I also think that RTL and No Pictures Please cannot be blamed for much. They have used the facilities that the government has offered them. They did not violate or abuse the situation, ”says the crime reporter.

“Everything in the documentary about Jos B. is already known or broadcast. For example when it comes to the images of the arrest in Spain. I cannot imagine a judge saying that the documentary should not be broadcast. It would amount to some form of censorship if that happens. “

A spokesperson for RTL said: “It is true that we received a summons today. RTL and No Pictures Please are still behind this carefully made documentary and we assume that we can broadcast it tomorrow.”

Jos B.’s lawyers do not (yet) want to respond to the case, counsel Gerald Roethof told RTL Boulevard.


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