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Josh Duhamel named as Armie Hammer replacement in ‘Shotgun Wedding’ after cannibalism scandal

Josh Duhamel is in talks to star alongside Jennifer Lopez in the movie Shotgun Wedding. The American actor is said to be the replacement for Armie Hammer, who earlier this month came under fire after allegations of rape and cannibalism fetishes.

Actor Armie Hammer suddenly caught the eye of the storm earlier this month. A woman had come out with a series of private messages that he would have sent her. The messages are often sexual, but some are disturbing. Hammer turns out to have quite different sexual preferences.

Shortly after the leakage of those messages, Armie Hammer decided to leave the film Shotgun Wedding to step. However, he himself denies all accusations. He claims that his decision has nothing to do with that. “I can’t leave my children for four months now to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

Shotgun Wedding

Production house Lionsgate therefore had to look for a replacement to play Tom. Which forms in Shotgun Wedding a couple with Darcy (Jennifer Lopez).

Despite struggles in their relationship, Tom and Darcy get married, but then the entire wedding party is held hostage. Jason Moore is the director based on a screenplay by Mark Hammer and Liz Meriwether.

Josh Duhamel

For Josh Duhamel, it wouldn’t be the first movie full of action or romance. He was previously seen in the Transformersfilm series. You can also know him from When in Rome, Safe Haven or Life as We Know It.

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