Jowi voluntarily leaves Big Brother: ‘wants to be happy with myself’

The reason for his abrupt departure would have to do with the atmosphere in the house. According to Jowi, the program was not quite what he had in mind. “I would have liked to get to know people better and have in-depth conversations. I did that, but not at the level that I want. So I didn’t achieve anything I wanted to achieve.”

“The more I talk about it, the better I feel”, he vented his heart to fellow wonder Michel on Friday evening. His decision has now been made and production is also informed. “I can still think about it, but I don’t want that. It will therefore happen quickly (…) I stand behind it, I am happy with my choice. For me there is more than just this game”, said Jowi.

In the meantime, Daniëlle and Nathalie have also left after Big Brother gave them the choice. On the livestream on Videoland, true Big Brother Can be followed 24/7, the other residents say goodbye to the three. They react sadly to their departure, many of the residents are in tears and shocked. Why Nathalie and Daniëlle also decide to leave, is still unclear. There are now seven residents left in the house, two of them Dutch and seven Flemish.

It is not the first time of the season that a candidate has volunteered Big Brother steps. Earlier the Theo also left it Big brotherHouse. The 54-year-old Amsterdammer left because he could not be himself in the house, he later indicated.


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