JP visits Sidney’s booth at the Essen Motor Show

After this scene I had to pinch myself for a moment. Did that really happen? Even Sidney and his boys were slightly perplexed. Everyone in the tuning community knows that there has been no contact between former business partners Sidney and Jean Pierre Kraemer for years. But now it came to the meeting at the Essen Motor Show!
It’s Friday afternoon at the Essen Motor Show. The halls are well filled for Preview Day, and the atmosphere is good. I’m at the Sidney Industries stand in Hall 3, where Sidney is presenting the carbon kit for the Porsche 992 GT3. He himself leans next to the GT3 on the exhaust systems on display and talks to a friend. Suddenly someone with a black cap comes around the corner. He has put his arm over the shoulders of a blonde woman. It’s Jean Pierre with his girlfriend, who has just been featured on Instagram. Together they stop in front of Sidney and the GT3. JP speaks briefly to Sidney and gives a thumbs up for the GT3. Sidney thanks. Then JP continues with his girlfriend.

SIIND was at the JP Performance booth in 2019

Was that a friendly revenge from JP? Because in 2019 Pedro from Sidney Industries visited the JP Performance booth, where JP exchanged a few words with Pedro in front of the camera. Is it all just a calculation or is there more to it? Personally, I always think it’s nice when it comes to scenes like this. They show that a respectful get-together in the tuning community is possible.

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