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The year 2020 is drawing to a close and the team wants to present its games of the year for the sixth time this year. Every day until December 31st, some team members will present three favorites for 2020 as well as the most anticipated titles of the next year – today is Fayt’s turn.

Preface: Once again we are looking towards the end of the year, looking at the achievements that we have achieved outside of our hobbies. See the trials that are behind us but also still ahead of us. 2020 was not an easy year, probably for none of us. So it’s all the nicer to get together again at the end of the year. This year there was quite a potpourri of different genres, new and old games for me in the gaming area. This is partly reflected in my list for this year, which is characterized more by content updates and remasters than by really new titles.

Fayts Games of the Year

3rd place: Yakuza 5 Remaster

In third place were two remasters and an extended version of a game. On the one hand the Yakuza 5 recorded here, then Persona 5 Royal and on the other Catherine: Full body. In the end, however, I decided on Kiryu’s story because it was at least a completely new experience for me. I don’t even know what else to write about the title. The story was as always cult, the many possibilities of distraction have led to the fact that I lost the proverbial sleep for many hours. It’s just fun to fight Kiryu and his friends through hordes of bullies and gangsters. I’ve already bought the newest offshoot, but haven’t looked at it yet. I hope that I will enjoy Kiryu’s heir as much as I did with all of the previous games.

2nd place: No Man’s Sky Origins

What do we have here? No Man’s Sky actually appears again. A title that is already relatively old and actually did not appear in 2020. However, the title was so heavily supplied with new updates this year that I have added it to the list again for this reason. Many still know the crash after the release and at least some are likely to have seen the rematch of the developers. In the meantime there is a lot that was loudly promised back then, some things are still missing and some more has been delivered. In any case, I’m still behind the wheel of my ship and cruising the galaxy. NMS will also accompany me later on the PS5 and so I hope for many more hours of play. A similar resurrection, which I also wish the developers of CD Projekt RED with Cyberpunk 2077. Hopefully we’ll see you next year or the year after that.

1st place: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Just recently finished, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin ends up at the top of my ranking. As already described in my review of this title, I liked the initial awkwardness of the eternally drunkard Sakuna, but also the way she changed over the course of history. I had a lot of fun swinging through the air and pounding my opponents into the ground with cracking air combos. The rather complex part of growing rice was able to motivate me for many hours. However, besides the story, the soundtrack to the game really got me going. That ultimately led to the fact that I got the limited edition after the digital sample. Edelweiss had created something outstanding for me here.

Most Wanted 2021

That would have closed the year 2020, but what is the good Fayt looking forward to next year? Well, on the one hand there is Disgaea 6, which is supposed to be released by us in summer 2021, but I’m also really looking forward to the remaster of SaGa Frontier. But beyond that, I haven’t really given it any thought. Root Double is still pre-ordered and otherwise in the new year, as in the old year, the arm is spontaneously pointed towards the store shelf and, if you are lucky, you will be able to use it. I will certainly catch up on many old games down to PS1 or even older. Old is always better. True Story and with that I wish all readers a good and a much better start into 2021.

The entire JPGames team wishes you a Happy New Year 2021!

Images: Sega, Hello Games, Marvelous / Edelweiss


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