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The year 2020 is drawing to a close and the team wants to present its games of the year for the sixth time this year. Every day until December 31st, some team members will present three favorites of 2020 as well as the most anticipated titles of the next year – today it is pixelpino’s turn.

pixelpinos games of the year

3rd place: Persona 5 Royal

In 2017 I jumped into the original version, but as it is sometimes, something came up. After all, Persona 5 was forever long and other titles were asking for my attention in a similarly loud voice. So now – three years later – I went in with hope Royalto rekindle the euphoria for the highly acclaimed JRPG in order to bring the adventure of yore to an end. With success. I spent several hours with the phantom thieves in the royal repaint. Persona 5 (Royal) certainly doesn’t make everything perfect, but the bottom line is that I had a great time with the new edition, which kept me on the ball despite its absurdly long running time.

2nd place: Demon’s Souls

With Bloodborne, I slipped into the world of FromSoftware’s rock-hard action RPG entertainment in 2015 – relatively late. I fought my way through with enthusiasm and then devoured all the Souls titles in a confused order. That means all but one, namely the one that founded the Souls cult at the time: Demon’s Souls. With the remake for PS5, I was finally able to close this gap and at the same time enjoy the fantastic technology of the new edition. Even in its most difficult moments, Demon’s Souls is not as demanding as its spiritual successors, but nevertheless inspired me with its engaging atmosphere and the gameplay that I know and love.

1st place: Yakuza: Like a Dragon

What started as an April Fool’s joke ultimately became a reality and this development certainly didn’t appeal to everyone. After all, the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio made the decision to let Yakuza hop into the JRPG genre with Like a Dragon and to say goodbye to fan favorite Kiryu Kazuma to clear the stage for the sociable Kasuga Ichiban. A few brave steps that I met with joy. Like a Dragon doesn’t have to hide from its popular predecessors, on the contrary.

It exudes the same bizarre joke and captivates in its serious moments. In addition, it felt incredibly good to be beating through the streets no longer as a lone wolf, but in the company of companions – Ichiban’s unusual hero group grew very dear to my heart. Like a Dragon is certainly not reinventing the RPG wheel. For me, the combination of Yakuza and the JRPG genre just worked really well. As a result, I not only look back on numerous, fun hours, but also with hope in the future that this approach will not be dropped again.

Honorable mentions

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Well that was a surprise – and somehow not. After all, there were numerous euphoric voices that moved me to take a look at 13 Sentinels. So I expected somewhere that I would like the title – but in the end my expectations were actually exceeded. The solid tower defense gameplay in all honors, it was above all the (exceptionally well told) plot about 13 (!) Protagonists that cast a spell on me and still does it. Because I’m not quite through yet and accordingly I cannot rate 13 Sentinels in their entirety. That is also the reason why the title only makes it into the Honorable Mentions. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the game shortly.

Without going into more detail, I would also mention a few other titles that I had fun with this year:

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Great combat system)
The Last Of Us Part II (Great staging)
Ghost of Tsushima (Great atmosphere)
Hades (Great storytelling)
Astro’s playroom (Great DualSense)

Most Wanted 2021

2021 has a few titles that I’m looking forward to. There would be Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139, Shin Megami Tensei V, Persona 5 Strikers or Resident Evil Village. But I also have the faint hope that we might even have the publication of Elden ring or the successor Breath of the Wild experience. At least for the latter title, the chances are not that bad, as Nintendo is dedicating itself to the 35th anniversary of the Zelda brand in 2021. In any case, I think that we will at least have some news about the title in the process. Would be something. But let’s be honest: don’t we all have enough games to catch up on anyway?

In the spirit of: Happy and relaxing holidays!

The entire JPGames team wishes you a Happy New Year 2021!

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