JPGAMES.DE: Roberts Games of the Year 2020

The year 2020 is drawing to a close and the team wants to present its games of the year for the sixth time this year. Every day until December 31st, some team members will present three favorites of 2020 as well as the most anticipated titles of the next year – today it’s Robert’s turn.

Roberts Games of the Year

3rd place: Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is my first experience of the main FF series (apart from the few hours I spent in FFXIV). From my point of view, the game did well. I got carried away with the story, it shone especially with the main characters and even the combat system was fun after a while. So much so that I played it again on the higher difficulty level after playing it through for the first time. It’s definitely not a perfect game – especially since it’s not even finished yet – but I’ll be happy when I can dive back into the world of FFVII.

2nd place: Hades

In my opinion, Hades is a game that is second to none. The roguelike adventure from Supergiant Games raises the bar of other representatives of the genre significantly. It not only convinces with its typical roguelike elements, but also has a crisp gameplay paired with an interesting story. Furthermore, it has charm, humor in the different conversations and also looks good. The game makes it really difficult for me not to like it. Even if I die in the dungeons again and have to start over.

1st place: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A game that lets me relax. Not just because it came out at the right time that year, but because I still enjoy doing things on my island. I’m not particularly creative when it comes to design and my ideas take a long time to implement. However, it is all the nicer to look at other islands. The community can get a lot out of New Horizons. It’s enough for me to grow my flowers, to complete my museum as best I can and to create a few small, creative retreats. And although I’ve played it little over the summer, every Animal Crossing catches up with me in the winter. The snowy landscapes and interactions always delight my gamer heart! Oh yes, doesn’t my house have to be paid off yet …?

Most Wanted 2021

Honorable Mention: FAIRY TAIL – there is finally a game based on one of my favorite manga! It has quite a few flaws, but it is a very nice experience to experience the story of Natsu & Co. in video game form.

Most Wanted: Monster Hunter! I’m not looking forward to the film, but even more so to the two games. With Rise you will finally be able to loot and hunt on the go again. At the same time a second part of Monster Hunter Stories appears. A sequel I didn’t expect at all. The first part for the 3DS is seriously underestimated. A PlayStation 5 will probably also land in my living room in 2021. I still need better reasons from Sony for that. And let’s see what Nintendo can shine with again. After Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation, I would like to see Breath of the Wild 2. Maybe something works.

The entire JPGames team wishes you a Happy New Year 2021!

Images: Square Enix, Supergiant Games, Nintendo


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