Judge clears speedwalk champion Schwazer from doping

Former Olympic racing champion Alex Schwazer will not be prosecuted for doping. According to a court in Bolzano, his urine sample was very likely to have been found to contain prohibited substances.

Schwazer won the Olympic title in the 50-kilometer race walk in 2008. The Italian was banned for three years and nine months in 2012 after being caught using EPO. After that suspension, he returned and grabbed the world title in 2016. He missed the Olympic Games in Rio because he was suspended for eight years due to a second doping violation.

Schwazer tested positive for anabolic steroids on a reanalysis of a urine sample taken on January 1, 2016 and initially found to be negative. Investigating judge Walter Pelino stated that the urine sample was most likely manipulated “with the aim of obtaining a positive result and discrediting the athlete.” He acquitted the speedwalker “for not committing the crime.”

Schwazer, 36, has continued to train in hopes of competing in the Tokyo Olympics. “I would like to end my career the way I want, not the way others wanted,” he stated.


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