Judge: Nightclubs must remain closed at midnight

In addition, KHN demanded that the judge intervene in political decision-making by prescribing to the cabinet what the corona measures should look like on September 25. This claim was also rejected by the court, because the preliminary relief judge is not competent to issue such a legislative order.

Random Policy

KHN took the state to court because of the long-term closure of night catering. According to the lobby club, there is arbitrariness. According to KHN, if the one and a half meters expires, there will no longer be a distinction between nightclubs and gatherings in other sectors.

However, according to the state, nightclubs are “risky settings,” citing an advisory from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT). That’s because these are indoor locations where ‘large numbers of people gather close together in different compositions’ and ‘talk loudly to each other because loud music is often on’.

Unmute Us

A similar lawsuit is also pending. Unmute Us, which managed to mobilize tens of thousands of people during two protest marches, and party organizers Mojo, ID&T and Apekooi also hope to bring the nightlife back to life through summary proceedings.

In addition to the mandatory closing time of midnight, they are also angry about the maximum capacity of 75 percent. In their view, it is not possible to organize a profitable event with these measures. It is not yet known when this lawsuit will be filed.

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