Jumbo loses ‘Veghel feud’ with Sligro over 83 million

In the summer of 2018, the Veghel wholesaler Sligro sold its supermarket subsidiary Emté for 410 million euros to Jumbo and Coop, also from Veghel.


The two new owners divided the 130 stores, but afterwards found that they had paid far too much for it.

Because Sligro would have presented Emté’s situation too favourable, the buyers would have paid at least 83 million euros too much for it, according to them. Jumbo and Coop went to court to demand that money back.

Jumbo and Coop lose

Sligro denied any wrongdoing. A press release sent by the wholesaler this afternoon reveals that the buyers have lost the case. According to the wholesaler, the court completely rejects all claims from Jumbo and Coop.

Jumbo confirms the ruling, which has not yet been made public by the court. The supermarket chain, also on behalf of Coop, regrets the decision.

Possible appeal

“According to Jumbo and Coop, there are clear indications that Sligro, prior to the sale, misrepresented Emté’s financial position, but apparently we have not been able to prove this sufficiently in court,” the company said in a statement. written response to RTL Z.

Jumbo and Coop say they may appeal.

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