Junji Ito backs off on horror collaboration with Hideo Kojima

False alarm! At least, Junji Ito says. We recently reported that the well-known horror mangaka Junji Ito revealed interesting information during a “Comic-Con @ Home” interview. Accordingly, he spoke to Hideo Kojima again about working on a horror game. Fans from all over the world gave hope for a new horror attempt after the discontinued Silent Hills again. Too early though.

Ito corrects his statement

Ito was now rowing back. He apologized via Twitter for his testimony during the interview and corrected that the conversation with Kojima was at most a comment at a party. Kojima had told him that if there was a possibility in the future, he could approach Ito to ask for his help.

Too bad. So the plans for a Kojima horror title don’t seem to be as concrete as recently assumed. And yet: the likelihood that such a project will await us in the future is not small. Kojima has too often indicated his interest in this in the recent past. A horror title is probably on his to-do list. The only question is when we can count on it.

Would you be interested in a horror trip from Kojima?

Images: Interview with Junji Ito, Comic-Con @ Home


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